Welcome to HeifetzPEG 2020! We’re sure you have lots of questions, so we’ve prepared this FAQ sheet just for you. Email us if we’ve left something out.

What’s the age limit for HeifetzPEG?

Students born AFTER April 1, 2006 will be eligible for the HeifetzPEG.

How might I schedule a parent-child interview with the program director?

Parents and students are asked to schedule a phone/video conference interview with the HeifetzPEG Program Director. This interview will allow your child to place a face with a key staff member’s name, who can provide critical details regarding this summer’s program. In addition, parents and children will discuss goals for their study at the Institute, ask questions they may have and share insight into their lives so our program may continue to be tailored to each child’s needs.

Once your child is admitted to the program, the PEG Program Director will contact you to schedule your interview.

What will my child’s daily schedule look like?

You will be able to access a 2020 sample schedule here in the coming weeks. Check back soon!

Where will my child be living and what is the dorm configuration?

HeifetzPEG students will be housed in double rooms in King Residence Hall, a dormitory building where they will both live and attend some of their classes. Females will be housed on one floor with two female RAs and males will be housed on another with two male RAs. HeifetzPEG students will only share rooms with other PEG students.

Click here for more information about housing and accommodations.

Who are the resident advisors for the HeifetzPEG program?

The HeifetzPEG RAs will serve as program leaders as students navigate both their classes, extracurricular activities and living arrangements. We will soon be accepting applications for these positions for the 2020 Summer Institute. The RAs will be available around the clock throughout the duration of the program. They will be assisted by our summer interns, as well as other administrative staff.

I am nervous about sending my child to a college campus. What measures will be in place to ensure safety throughout their stay?

We expect both students and their parents to be nervous about being away from home. In light of this, we have built many safety practices and supervision measures into our staff training and protocol to ensure that all students are accounted for at each moment of every day they are in our care. All HeifetzPEG students will be under the direct supervision of a HeifetzPEG staff member for the entire duration of the program. Students will travel in groups with an adult to all on-campus and off-campus buildings. Key access is limited for students in the King Dorm and those not living in the dorm are restricted from entering during the day or evening. A digital-based communication system will be used for HeifetzPEG staff members to check attendance and student whereabouts during all transitions. To ensure the safety and well-being of all who attend, complete background checks are performed by an independent firm on every staff and faculty member working at the Institute.

My child has never roomed with another child or lived in a dormitory. What should i expect?

In reviewing our sample daily schedule, you will find a “check-in” with an RA and/or the HeifetzPEG Program Director. This time will be spent reviewing and debriefing about all aspects of the Institute. Since many of the students have probably not stayed in a dorm before, the first several days of these check-ins will revolve around all the important behaviors of being a good roommate, interacting with others in close quarters, and opening communication lines between live-in and hall mates.

When will students eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and will snacks be provided?

Students will congregate together in the Hunt Dining Hall each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; except on Sundays when brunch and dinner are provided. (The dining hall is within view of the PEG dormitory.) Students are encouraged to bring non-perishable snacks or money to purchase them to keep in their dorm room. Food in dorm rooms should be kept in tightly sealed containers. A refrigerator will be available on the lower floor in the HeifetzPEG dorm building. Please be certain to list any food allergies on your child’s medical form. A light snack will be provided in between meals during the week.

What meal options are available at the dining hall?

Hunt Dining Hall offers vegetarian options at each meal time and a full service salad bar at lunch and dinner.

To what address do I send letters and packages to my student?

Please send all student mail to our main office:

Student’s Name
Heifetz Institute
107 East Beverley Street
Staunton, VA 24401

Mail will be distributed daily to all students, staff, and faculty on campus.

How do I arrange for my child to be transported to and from the Institute?

If your child will be traveling as an unaccompanied minor, please contact the HeifetzPEG Program Director. Parents will discuss travel plans with the PEG Director during the scheduled parent-child interview and you are advised to use their name when booking plane or train tickets, as he will be present to pick up your child from the airport or train station.

What should my child pack for their time at the Institute?

Students should refer to the “Preparation Checklist” in their HeifetzPEG Student Handbook with information regarding what students should and should not bring to the Institute.

Is a cell phone required?

Parents will be given the HeifetzPEG Program Director’s and other other administrative staff members’ cell phone numbers so that they can make contact during the course of the Institute. For HeifetzPEG students, while a cell phone may be helpful, it is not required. Students who have iPads, iPods, computers and other tablets may wish (at their own risk) to bring them to the Institute so they can stay in contact with their parents using the guest WiFi access provided on campus.

Will there be an opportunity for my child to get in contact with me throughout the program?

Yes. We realize the importance of each student staying in touch with their parents/guardians while away from their home environment. Our RAs and support staff will check in with students during the week to ensure they have had an opportunity to contact their parents through your preferred communication method. The Institute will accommodate those without cell phones to ensure they have access to a phone when needed.

What if my child experiences difficulties while at the Institute?

The HeifetzPEG staff takes a team and problem solving based approach to any disruptions a student may experience while at the Institute. If a student experiences difficulties in adjusting to the program or student life, staff members will gather to discuss potential causes and work with the student to generate a solution. Parents may also be contacted.

Where will my child practice and how much time is allocated for practicing?

Students will be assigned practice space, with some spaces being directly in the student’s dorm room and others being in nearby practice spaces. In reviewing our sample schedule, you will notice a block of time allocated for “monitored practice” where staff will ensure that student have properly structured their practice time and space to promote maximum learning. Other times within the schedule will be available for practicing outside of these monitored blocks.

What evening and weekend activities will be available for students?

The Institute schedules supervised Saturday excursions and evening activities for students to leave campus and explore various sites in Staunton and surrounding areas. Students may always opt out of these activities and remain on campus with a staff member for alternative activities. Activities will be decided based on student interest and scheduling. Most evenings will be filled with concerts to which students are encouraged to attend. A designated staff member will accompany students to and from evening concerts. Click here to see examples of the HeifetzPEG weekend activities.

What concerts will be available for my child to attend?

Over fifty concerts are held during the six-weeks of the Heifetz Institute. Check back soon for our 2020 Festival of Concerts schedule. Students are encouraged to attend as many of these concerts as they can. If parents wish to attend these concerts, they may purchase tickets.

What performance opportunities are available for my child?

The HeifetzPEG Student Showcases will take place on the last two days of each session in Francis Auditorium on the Mary Baldwin University campus, the “home base” for Heifetz Institute concerts. Parents and students are invited to a reception immediately following the concert.

Select HeifetzPEG students will also have the opportunity to perform during our “Stars of Tomorrow” series.

I’m staying in the Staunton area, may I attend/observe my child’s lessons and classes?

HeifetzPEG is a transformational experience where students learn to push the boundaries of their skills in technique and expressive performance. Lessons, masterclasses and performance classes are opportunities for students to reach new heights in expressing themselves with other peers. It is our hope that students will learn to relate differently to the world of performance, even at a young age. In molding these new performance skills, we work with students to be independent in their private studies and peer interactions. For this reason, we ask parents to not attend private lessons or classes, so students learn more fully how to be independent musicians.